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Cookie Marathon Begins!


12 19 2014 cookie marathon

This was my 8 hours of work yesterday. From the top: sugar cookies, white chocolate/macadamia cookies, butter cookies.

I still have 3 more varieties to make, and a batch of cereal snack mix (our recipe is called Nuts & Bolts) to make.

Have a great Saturday!


8 thoughts on “Cookie Marathon Begins!

  1. Wow! yum. Merry Christmas and happy butter!

  2. Oh, how fun. I remember when my kids were small we baked all day and would have tons of cookies for the holidays – now that they are all grown and out of the house and I don’t have my big kitchen anymore I don’t bake. Thanks for bringing me a little nostalgia!

    • I keep saying I would like to cut back, but I can’t get my family to narrow down the cookie choices! I do give some of these away to family and friends. 7 varieties baked, 3 to go. And then cereal snack mix…Thanks for stopping by, Kathy!

  3. I started today. Molasses and oatmeal/craisin. I also made peppermint bark which is new for me. I’m also going to give a go to homemade marshmallows. Peppermint with perhaps a drop of red food color. Merry Christmas.

    • I make the same varieties every year – I think my family would complain without the standards! Peppermint bark is FUN! Let me know how the marshmallows turn out (I remember being impressed with them when Sara Moultan made them on The Food Network years ago). Merry Christmas to you, too! Thank you for your card – it arrived today! (mine are somewhere in the mail…)