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Photos from Friday in Historic Ellicott City


Here is a slide show of my Friday…a beautiful moon rise, Offspring3’s new cast basking in a sunbeam, and a trip to Historic Ellicott City to visit HorseSpirit Arts Gallery.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


10 thoughts on “Photos from Friday in Historic Ellicott City

  1. I like this ‘day in the life of’ idea! Good photos. Poor Offspring3. I wish him speedy mending.

    • Thanks, Gillian! I went into Historic Ellicott City with Offspring2 (who needed photos for a class project), and walked around with my own camera.

  2. LOVE the slide show! (I’m going to have to find out how I could make one of those!)

    Like PUff said – I too like this ‘day in the life of’ …. it’s such a fabulous thing to do.
    Love it Kathy. A really GREAT post, my brilliant blogging friend.
    Sending lots of love and squidges ~ Cobs. x

    • Thank you so much, Cobs!! This was my first slideshow!

      You can do a slideshow by adding a gallery to a post, and one of the gallery options is “slideshow”. I like galleries, but the photos are not always large enough (and people don’t know they can click on them to enlarge them – or don’t take the time).

      • OHHHhhhh! I never knew you could do this!!

        Ohhh Kathy, thank you so much. You won’t believe how much you may have helped me. I’ve been trying to build post about a crafting thing, and am having trouble making it ‘work’ because I couldn’t figure out how to make the photos work adequately with the details. This might be the ‘trick’ which would possibly work.

        Bless you Kathy for your help.
        Love you muchly for it. ~ Cobs. x

      • I didn’t know it was possible, either, but went searching for it in the wee hours of Saturday morning.

        I know I can use it to show a work in progress, too! (I don’t do videos at this point!)

        It was really easy. I had done a photo gallery for my “gallery page” when I first set up my blog, and never really explored it again. Until I had all of these photos that I wanted to put in one post!
        Hugs to you, Cobs!

      • Video + Cobs = one unholy mess and one great big loss of crafting time.
        No .. I don’t do video’s either. Or rather .. I CAN’T do video’s.
        C. xxx

      • Oh, I bet you could! I don’t have the right hardware or software. So photo collages & slideshows it is! 😉

      • You’re ahead of the game. I don’t have the right brainware. :/
        lol. x