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Fabric Christmas Tree Stars


One of my cousins wanted help recreating a fabric Christmas tree topper. I found a pattern for a paper star (3D), and used it to create a fabric star (using Pellon #808 craft fusible interfacing). I made the star on the right to test the concept, and the star on the left to refine my assembly skills (hot glue gun – nothing else will set up quick enough on fabric). These fabrics are leftover scraps from my mask sewing.

We finished the actual project last week with her vintage fabrics. We added a conical holder (taken off an inexpensive tree topper) with some sturdy floral wire to the bottom of the star so it will sit atop her Christmas tree.


4 thoughts on “Fabric Christmas Tree Stars

  1. These are really pretty.

  2. what a great idea! so often purchased tree toppers seem so heavy and hard to get to stay in place. Love it!